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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes the All*Star Booth different?
A: Our booths are equipped with pro level cameras, lighting, hardware, software, and printing (12 secs per print!). We have been professional photographers for over 10 years and have brought our expertise with image quality and integrity to the All*Star Booth.

Q: What’s included with my rental of the All*Star Booth?
A: Props, Backdrop, Attendant and Unlimited Printing for the photo booth. The Instaprinter (Instagram Printer) is a separate booth that you may rent alone or in combination with the Photo Booth.

Q: How does the photo booth work?
A: You stand at the booth, touch the screen, and smile for the camera. It will take 4 photos (each a few seconds apart) and then print out a final set of 2 strips for your guest to take home (or save one for you if you’d like)

Q: How does the Instaprinter work?
A: The Instaprinter (short for Instagram Printer) allows the guests at your event to use a dedicated hashtag at your event when taking photos with their smartphones, iPhones, Android phones etc. When they use the dedicated hashtag (something like #amyandpaul), then the Instaprinter automatically prints out their image as a 4×6 print for them to pick up at the Instaprinter.  Up to 300 prints per event.

Q: Will there be someone there with the booth at all times?
A: Of course! Someone will be there to make sure everything goes just as planned.

Q: How many people fit into a photo booth?
A: Our booth is an open air type booth. That means you can fit a lot more people inside versus the older type with a curtain. This also allows guests to take part in the hilarity that happens in front of the camera. We’ve seen as many as 8-10 people in the booth, but 4-6 is the most comfortable.

Q: Will I be able to see all of the photos that were taken in the booth at my event?
A: Yes you will receive a disc with all images, both as individual images and as strips, ready for printing. Your images are also posted online for guests to see and order if they’d like.

Q: Does the photo booth print out pictures on the spot like the ones at the mall?
A: Yes, but with higher speed and quality. The digital pictures are printed on professional photo paper in seconds. The cameras, lighting, and software are also of professional quality, superseding that found in most retail photo booths.

Q: How long does it take to get your prints?
A: It takes just 12 seconds for your photos to print.

Q: How many photos do you get?
A: By default, the printer prints 2 strips, each with 4 photos.

Q: Do you offer an album for one of the strips?
A: Some people like to send the guest with one strip, and have them put another in an album. If you provide the album, tape, etc, then we will direct the guests to leave one and sign. You can pick up the type album you need for around $20 at most hobby stores.

Q: Do you provide props?
A: Yes we have a wide selection of props for your guests to choose from.

Q: How much room do you need?
A: Please allow a minimum of 8’ x 8’ space for the booth and waiting guests.

Q: What are the electricity requirements?
A: Dedicated access to one standard outlet within 50’ of the booth is required unless arrangements are made in advance.

Q: What are the Wifi requirements?
A: If using the Instaprinter, then Wifi MUST be provided by the venue.  Full functionality, including email and text/SMS is available for the Photo Booth, as long as Wifi is available, but is not required for the booth to function.

Q: Does your price include setup and breakdown?
A: Yes we have a flat fee that includes all costs.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes, we offer a combo discount with KMI Photography Inc.

Q: What is your reservation policy?
A: Our booths are available by reservation only. A $150 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold the date, with the remainder due a week before the event.